colocolomemo / Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Terms of Service

The user of this service

  1. The user of this service is the individual who had been inputting and sending the form of the required content of user registration and approved by us.
  2. The unique username and password are set on the a per-user basis.
  3. The user need to manage username and password at their own risk.
  4. The user can't give or lend username and password to others.
  5. If the loss and damage has occurred by unauthorized use of username and password caused by the action of the user, the Company shall not be liable to it.
  6. There is no liability to us on the problem between users or between the user and the third party in this service.

Prohibited matters

  1. In using this service, you are prohibited of the items below. If the user do the prohibition, the Company may do stop the user account or delete the user account.
    1. Violated of the Terms.
    2. Sending a large number of requests to load on the sysytem.
    3. Using the username and password of the others without the permission.
    4. When the user act equivalent to the unauthorized access or cracking.
    5. When the user act conflicts with the law.
    6. When the user act relating to crime
    7. When the user infringe the intellectual property rights, copyrights, patent rights, etc.
    8. When the user act contrary to public order and morals.
    9. When the user act socially inappropriate.
    10. In addition, if the Company deemed inappropriate.


  1. Terms are subject to change without notice. We can not be held to inform everyone individually to the user, please check the most recent terms at any time.
  2. The revised terms shall be effective as from the time that we have posted it on this site.
  3. The contents of the service provided in this site may be subject to change, add or delete without notice.

Governing law

  1. Possible execution of this terms, interpretation and validity shall be determined in accordance with Japanese law.

Supplementary provision

  1. Establishment and enforcement of July 24, 2012.

Privacy Policy

  • Establishment of July 24, 2012.


  1. We will obtain or use or provide personal information appropriate to the size and contents of business.
  2. We clarify the use of personal information, and take appropriate measures to prevent the use that is not suitable for our purpose.
  3. We will comply with the guidelines and other norms of laws and regulations regarding the handling of personal information prescribed by the country.
  4. We will build a safety management system in order to prevent unauthorized access to personal information leakage. In addision, we will take appropriate corrective action and preventive measures for accidents related to personal information.
  5. We will set up a Contact to respond quickly to requests to disclosure of personal information, inquiries and complaints and consultation regarding the handling of personal information.
  6. We will continuously review and improve the personal information protection system appropriately.


We uses Cookies to check the status of a registered user login, measure the number of unique users, improve user convenience, and also authenticate the user.

You can reject the sending and receiving of Cookies. However, in that case, you may not be able to use all or part of the service.

Access Log

In this service, we record the access logs.

We record date and time of access, domain name, IP address and the type of browser in the access logs. We will not use the information of the access logs to cooperation of personal information.

We use these information in the analysis of usage trends, site management, statistical information as the detection of trends in user. In principle, we will not use these for other purpose.

Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Company Name Colocoloworks Corporation
Name of Representative Yoshito Yamazaki
Address FORECAST Shinjuku SOUTH 6F (CROSSCOOP), 4-3-17, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Tel 050-3736-3431
(We do not offer telephone customer support.)
Contact Use contact form to contact us.
Prices Described on each page of the product.
Necessary expences other than consideration Internet access fee shall be separately borne by each customer, and the amount is as designated by respective service providers.
Payment method Credit Card
Google Account (Android In-app payment)
iTunes Account (iOS In-app payment)
Due date Credit Card:
[For Monthly Plan]
First time payment will be made at the time of application. From next time the payment will be made at the same day (*) as the application day of every month.
[For Yearly Plan]
First time payment will be made at the time of application. From next time the payment will be made at the same day (*) as the application day of every year.
*) If the date doesn't exist in that month, the end of the month

Google / iTunes Account:
First time payment will be made at the time of application. From next time the payment will be made at the application day of every month.
Timing of provision of services Immediately after the Company confirms the registration of payment information.
Returned goods / Cancel purchase / Refund Due to the nature of the services, the Company will not accept returned goods.
As a general rule, we do not accept cancellation / refund after confirming purchase.
If you need the cancellation / refund due to misplacement purchase, please contact us from contact form within 5 days after purchase.
Cancellation You can cancel the paid service at any time in the site.
In the case of cancellation, we terminate the provision of the paid service and suspend billing with the next contract renewal date.
Refunding by cancellation is not acceptable.