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What is this?

What is the colocolomemo?

It is a Cloud Memo App

"colocolomemo" is a cloud based memo application service.

You can create memos and store in the cloud with web app or mobile apps.

Good ideas, book reading notes, news scraps, wishlist, diary, novels, secret poet, etc... a lot of things, you can write on it casually.

We develop it to be usable for both simple use and maniac use.

Text, File attachment, Checklist

"colocolomemo" focused to create memos simply so it has no text decoration features.

Though it seems to be simple it has the power of expressive actually because it can mix texts, files as images, checklists in one memo.


For example you can write the memo about shop you want to go at weekend with not only the name of shop, URL and phone number but also the image of map and the checklist for the buying items.

And you can create multiple sections in 1 memo, so you can write the longer text like novel with some separated sections.

Folder, Tag, Star, Roll Up

It provides the following features to manage the memos.

  • Folder
  • Tag
  • Star

With the star feature you can add the star of 7 levels from -3 to 3 to the memo as priority.
With the negative value star you can describe the memo is not important.

It provides the little funny feature "Roll Up" to hide the no longer used memos.


It provides the following features to find the memos.

  • Keyword Search
  • Filter by month
  • Sorting with date, title and star

You can use search commands to search with complex condition.
For example, when you search "date:2012/07 tag:roppongi heavy rain" you can find the memory of Roppongi in the heavy rain at July 2012.

And you can save the search keywords to use later.

About search commands

Color Customize

You can color the memos, folders and tags.
We made the design of colocolomemo as simple as possible so at first it may be too simple for you, you can customize the memos to colorful only for you.

Mobile Apps Available

Web app, Android / iOS apps are available.
It store the data in the cloud and sync, so you can write and read the memos anytime anywhere.

About Applications


Nasu Taka Fuji
Max Memo Size 100,000 300,000 500,000
Max Folder Size 1,000 1,500 2,000
Max Tag Size 1,000 1,500 2,000
Max Monthly File Uploads 60MB 120MB 180MB
Price (JPY) ¥0 ¥480 / Month ¥960 / Month
¥4,800 / Year ¥9,600 / Year

Staring memo life as Nasu

All basic feature of colocolomemo can be used free of charge.

For details of payment, see FAQ below.

About Plans

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